Painkiller Overdoses

Prescription medication overdoses have reached epidemic proportions in Florida and many other states.  

Drug overdoses are now THE LEADING cause of accidental death in the Country.   47,055 lethal drug overdoses occurred in 2014 alone.  Of these deaths, 18,893 of these deaths were likely avoidable because the drugs were over-prescribed by doctors or unlawfully over-filled by pharmacies.  Recently, a Florida doctor was convicted of illegally prescribing oxycodone resulting in the deaths of three patients.

The problem is particularly serious in Florida.  More opioid painkillers are prescribed in Florida than any other state. Of 21.5 million Americans (12 or older) with substance abuse problems in 2014, 1.9 million were using prescription pain relievers.  And, prescription pain reliever overdose deaths among women increased more than 400% from 1999-2012. (Compared to 237% among men)

Even though many states have passed legislation to curb this epidemic since 2012 the problem persists because of the negligence of physicians and pharmacies.

We are investigating cases against national pharmacy chains and local pharmacies to force them to change their practices and stop over-filling opioid prescriptions.  We will also work to compensate family members for these tragic, avoidable losses of life.

If you’ve lost a family member or friend  to an overdose of oxycodone or other prescription narcotic,  you may have a claim against the pharmacy that filled the prescription.  Contact our office today for a free consultation.