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Christa L Collins

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Partner Christa Collins litigates complex class actions throughout Florida and the nation. She focuses primarily on civil rights, fair lending, credit reporting, fair debt collection, employment discrimination, and consumer issues.

Ms. Collins has spent more than 19 years of her 35-year career serving as a plaintiffs’ class action lawyer. She has significant experience prosecuting nationwide class action cases as lead counsel and class counsel and plaintiff's counsel in putative class actions challenging abuses of consumer rights, discriminatory insurance practices in violation of the Fair Housing Act and Civil Rights act, lending discrimination, and employment discrimination.

In the first class action she brought in 1999, Ms. Collins exposed the use of discriminatory life insurance rate tables dating back many generations by national life insurance companies and initiated a series of class actions against companies still collecting discriminatory premiums. Most of the filed cases resulted in settlements that reached back to provide equalized premiums and other settlement benefits for many generations.

Several years later, Ms. Collins filed a groundbreaking nationwide class action challenging the use of credit scoring as an insurance underwriting pricing tool. Ms. Collins was appointed a lead class counsel in this case and negotiated a successful resolution which included the development and implementation of a race‑neutral algorithm by a Fortune 500 homeowners insurance company.

Ms. Collins' service as lead class counsel includes:

  • AA Suncoast Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. v. Progressive American Insurance Company, et. al., 2017 WL 2123467 (May 16, 2017)
  • DeHoyos v. Allstate Insurance Company, 240 F.R.D. 269 (W.D. Tex. 2007)
  • Nicholes v. Combined Insurance Company of America, Case No. 5:16 (S.D. W. Va.)
  • Lea Family Partnership, Ltd. v. City of Temple Terrace, Case No. 16-cv-03463 (M.D. Florida)
  • Melissa Dukes and Thomas J. Dolan v. Hewlett-­‐Packard Company, Case Number CV-­‐2002-­‐270 (Circuit Court of Phillips County, Arkansas)

Ms. Collins was appointed co-lead class counsel in Rodriguez v. Sallie Mae, Inc., et al. Case No. 3-06-cv-01866 (U.S. District Court, Connecticut).

She was appointed class counsel in:

  • Leola McNeil, el al. v. American General Life & Accident Insurance Company, et al., Case No. 3-­‐99-­‐1157 (United States District Court, Middle District of Tennessee)
  • Karl Thompson v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 216 F.R.D. 55 (S.D.N.Y 2003)
  • Moore v. Liberty National Life Ins. Co., 267 F.3d 1209 (11th Cir. 2001)
  • Glenda Carnegie, et. al. v. Mutual Savings Life Insurance Company, Case No. CV-­‐99-­‐S-­‐3292-­‐NE (United States District Court, Northern District of Alabama, Northeastern Division)
  • In re: Industrial Life Insurance Litigation, MDL 1371, (Rosebud Montgomery, el al. vs. Life Insurance Company of Georgia Industrial Life Insurance Litigation, Case No. 1:99-­‐CV-­‐252 MMP (United States District court, Northern District of Florida, Gainesville Division)
  • James Williams, et al. v. United Insurance Company of America, Case No. CV-­‐99-­‐S-­‐3292-­‐NE (Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama, Bessemer Division)

Ms. Collins was also appointed co-lead class counsel in the state-wide eminent domain class action Mallards Cove v. State of Florida, Department of Transportation et al. (Pasco County, Florida Circuit Court).

Ms. Collins currently represents or has represented plaintiffs in race discrimination and consumer class actions against other insurance companies, lenders, employers and corporations, American National, Monumental Life, Western & Southern and Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company, Nationwide Insurance, Farmer's Insurance, Directv, BP, Wells FargoUSAA, Sheridan Healthcare, LabCorp, Chancellor Senior Management, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Radio Shack, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., UNUM Group Corporation and Athene Annuity & Life Corporation and Ingenious Designs, LLC.


Christa is past-chairperson of Church Council at First United Methodist St. Petersburg, served as Chairperson of the Preschool Board and also served on the Board of Trustees. She also played violin in the contemporary worship band for many years.

Christa and her husband have five children, two granddaughters and a growing family of in-laws. And, they love catering fundraisers for causes they believe in including The Point, a faith-based recovery ministry and the FUMC Uth program.


  • Malone College, B.A. magna cum laude, Psychology and Sociology, 1979
  • Stetson University College of Law, J.D., with Honors, 1983, Associate Editor, Law Review