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Harmon Parker, P.A. Obtained $13,550,592 Jury Verdict

Our lawyers Harmon Parker, P.A. recovered $13,550,592 in damages for the family of Joseph Hancock, who died after a car hit his bicycle from behind. Mr. Hancock was the owner of Hancock Groves in Dade City, FL, and leaves behind his wife, Jane Hancock, and three children.

The plaintiff’s economist stated that the value of lost support and services in this wrongful death case was $543,592. The trial lasted three days, and the jury decided in favor of our client after 35 minutes of deliberation.

On May 28, 2016, Mr. Hancock, an avid and experienced bicyclist, kissed his wife goodbye before leaving for a morning ride. The rural two-lane road he was on was dry, and although the posted speed limit was 45 mph, an advisory 35 mph sign was up.

A short time after Mr. Hancock headed out for his cycling trip, the defendant left her home for work. During her drive, she had passed two other cyclists. Unfortunately, when she caught up to Mr. Hancock, without attempting to slow down, change lanes, or swerve, she struck the rear of his bike. He was thrown 122 feet and was not wearing a helmet. Bystanders began administering CPR but stopped shortly before paramedics arrived.

The defendant was represented by a very experienced attorney and disputed liability and causation for the accident. She claimed that she did not see Mr. Hancock before impact because she was driving along a hill, and the sun glare obstructed her view. She also stated that he did not have reflectors on his bicycle, nor was he wearing brightly colored clothing to alert drivers he was on the road.

An investigation into the accident revealed that the defendant’s car tires and brakes were fine. While the plaintiff suspected that the defendant was distracted by her cellphone, the investigating officer and the experts involved in the case were not able to determine conclusively that she was using her cellphone when she struck Mr. Hancock.

During the trial, a Florida highway patrol officer testified that the defendant’s negligence caused the crash. Additionally, an accident reconstruction expert stated that the defendant’s view was unobstructed for 25 seconds, and she was driving 53 mph – 9 miles over the posted speed limit.

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