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Things to Watch out for While Driving Through Road Construction in Florida

If you’ve driven around Florida for any amount of time, it may come to you as no surprise that construction is very common. While it may cause our commute to take a bit longer than expected, construction is necessary to keep our roads running smoothly and safely.

However, construction may add additional, unwanted, stress to an already stressful commute—which may result in additional accidents. Roads that are under construction often become more dangerous and can be held responsible for a sizable number of car accidents each year.

With over 37,000 injuries in 2017 alone, road construction zones are becoming more and more dangerous. It’s important to know how to ensure you and your passenger’s safety while passing through these areas.

Improper Signage

Road construction often requires the closing or altering of other nearby roads. Because of this, the signage posted about the new traffic patterns is extremely important in ensuring those on the road’s safety. Unfortunately, the signage in these areas is not always correct, and in some cases, missing completely.


It may seem like a large enough burden to have your commute altered due to roadway construction and when you add in a reduced speed limit to the equation, you may feel as if you’ll never get to your destination. However, a reduced speed limit is necessary to protect roadside workers. Speeding has long been the number one cause of death and injury in highway construction zones. Be sure to look for speed limit signage while traveling through construction zones to keep all parties safe.

Unfinished Roadways

Once the construction is finished, you can expect roads as smooth as butter. However, during construction, there may be areas that are unfinished and very unsafe to drive on. If the unfinished portions of the road are left uncovered and open for driving, they may lead to accidents. Roads with excessive debris, uneven pavement, large potholes, and sharp objects all make driving more difficult and can result in serious accidents.

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