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Do I Have a Personal Injury Case? Types of Cases We Cover

Having the right attorney for the type of legal case is always important for anyone with a legal issue. Many attorneys actually focus on one or two particular areas of law in their professional careers. In contrast, some attorneys cast a wider net when it comes to helping individuals with legal problems to address, and we pride ourselves on providing professional representation in each of our practice fields.

This means that you can call us for legal advice and representation for practically any legal problem and can feel assured you will get prompt and personal legal counsel. Chief among these types of cases are personal injury claims, which are often complicated and very strongly contested for a variety of reasons. Here is an overview of what our practice at Harmon Parker Florida personal injury attorney entails.

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury cases come in a wide array of situations that often must be proven in court for a fair settlement of the issue. Regardless of the material case facts, personal injuries always have a serious impact on the life of the injured party, and many times the personal injury results in an untimely death. Cases involving fatalities are the most serious of personal injury claims, and those resulting in wrongful death actions can be even more complicated and strongly contested.

We do not hesitate to take any case to trial because we understand that whole compensation typically takes the assignment from a sympathetic jury. Florida families are also entitled to standing for damages as well when a loved one dies due to the negligence of another party, and we will fight for your justice too. In addition, personal injuries with long-term implications often leave the injured parties and their families in financial straights for decades, which are problems deserving of significant financial awards. No case is too large or too small.

Types of Personal Cases

While automobile accident injury cases are probably the most common injury cases in Florida, there are other circumstances that can lead to significant claims as well. We handle differing cases on a regular basis that can include:

  • Auto accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Workplace injury
  • Nursing home abuse

Proving Liability

Every personal injury case is unique in some aspects beyond the particular injuries, but all legal requirements in proving a claim are the same. It is the responsibility of all legal representatives to establish first that the injury occurred to the plaintiff. Legal counselors then must connect the injury occurrence to the respondent along with proving through documentation or testimony that the defendant was either directly or indirectly responsible for causing the injury.

Florida now uses pure comparative negligence law and no-fault auto accident law, which means that all injured plaintiffs in certain types of accident cases are eligible for financial recovery for injuries based on their degree of negligence unless they have acted intentionally. It also means that claims cannot be denied based on negligence greater than 50% as in some other states. Punitive damages are also available in very egregious cases, but they are only awarded by a jury in a full trial.

Having an experienced and aggressive Florida personal injury attorney means this possibility can be used as leverage in a case negotiation when a defendant wants to avoid a trial.

Vicarious Liability

Vicarious liability is the legal concept that employers and vehicle owners may be liable for specific injuries caused by their employees or vehicles. All parties are liable when they act negligently or fail to act legally, and your attorney from Harmon Parker will evaluate your case for all negligent parties.

This can include auto manufacturers in car accidents, and even product manufacturers in a standard product liability case. The primary party is not always the only one at fault, and having solid legal representation means your case can be pursued for maximum damages. And this includes inclusion in any of many class-action lawsuits that are also held to strict liability standards.

Always remember that you typically only have one opportunity to receive financial recovery for your injuries, and general damages for ongoing problems should always be a component of the case. All insurance companies want to avoid general damages, and there is no technicality too small when it comes to protecting company profit margins. The attorney you choose to handle your case makes a major difference. That difference maker in Tampa is the Law Firm of Harmon Parker Florida personal injury attorney.

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