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things you need to do before insurance company car accident

Things You Need to Know Before Speaking with Your Insurance Company After a Car Accident

You’ve just been injured in an auto accident. You’ve taken the proper steps to protect your rights by calling the police, seeking medical attention, documenting your injuries, and taking photographs. You’re now ready to call your insurance company to inform them of the accident, but you’re not sure Just like anything else that involves coming to a conclusion based on facts, there are do's and don’ts when it comes to talking to your insurance company after an auto accident.

The Do’s and Don’ts With Insurance Companies

Your initial call with your insurance company is something that needs planning to execute properly— otherwise, you may end up losing your case before it even begins. Insurance companies are businesses, meaning that at the end of the day, they do what they do to make money— not help people. Your initial phone call may seem to go well, you may be greeted by an individual who seems to be your friend already. They do this intentionally to get you to feel comfortable talking with them, in hopes that you will open up and say something to harm your case.

So, to help ensure you protect your rights and the chance at seeking fair compensation, here are some do’s and don’ts when speaking with your insurance company:


  • Speak with an attorney to put together a plan for your recovery.
  • Provide them with your correct information, including your name, phone number, and address.
  • Take notes of the entire conversation.
  • Ask if they have heard stories from any witnesses.
  • Inform them of all your injuries, including any other pain you have witnessed.
  • Let them know that these injuries are all you can think of and that your doctor may have additional details.
  • Tell the truth. Lying will never help your case, no matter what.
  • Take all the time you need to answer the questions you are being asked, you are not under a time constraint.
  • Don’t give too many details, especially if they are not needed. A simple “Yes” or “No” is often plenty.
  • Answering “I don’t know” or “I’m not quite sure what you’re asking,” is completely acceptable.


  • Don’t agree to have your call recorded unless your attorney is also on the call.
  • As stated earlier, these adjusters want you to think they are on your side. Don’t fall for it, as giving too many details may harm your case.
  • Do not make any agreements.
  • You do not need to answer questions about your family, your work, or your income unless you have a lost wage case.
  • Do not give more information than necessary. Once you have answered the question, stop talking and allow the adjuster to move on.

As tried and trusted Florida personal injury attorneys, we understand that speaking with an insurance adjuster is just the beginning of the personal injury lawsuit process. While it is something that is required, giving into their tactics to get you to accept a lower offer than you deserve is not.

Before speaking with your insurance company, schedule your free consultation with our team of experienced Florida personal injury attorneys at Harmon Parker. We would love to answer any questions you have, along with helping ensure you know exactly how to handle the insurance company.

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