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Crosswalk Safety: Laws and Tips for Safe Walking in Florida

Florida cities have higher rates of pedestrian accidents than most of the United States. When walking in Florida (or anywhere), it is crucial to stay aware and ensure you only walk on designated crosswalks. Our safety tips and information can help you walk safely and avoid pedestrian accidents.

Types of Crosswalks

Crosswalks may be marked or unmarked, and there are different types of marked crosswalks as well. Identifying the different types of crosswalks can help you understand how to proceed when you encounter each.

The different types of crosswalks are:

  • Marked crosswalk — A crosswalk may be marked by signs, lights, and/or paint.
  • Lighted marked crosswalk — Often, crosswalks are marked by signs that indicate when walkers can safely cross the street.
  • Lighted marked crosswalk with in-road lights — A crosswalk may also be marked by lights in the street. The lights show the path where walking is permitted, and may also be visible to vehicles.
  • Unmarked crosswalk — Although an area may not be marked, it could still be a designated crosswalk. Any section where there is a sidewalk next to a road could be considered a crosswalk, even if it is not marked as such.

What is Jaywalking?

“Jaywalking” is a term for the act of crossing the road without a signal or crossing a road in an undesignated area. Jaywalking is not permitted because it is extremely unsafe. It is best to avoid this behavior altogether and only cross the road when allowed.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

When walking, the best thing you can do to stay safe is to observe your surroundings. The classic advice to “look both ways” rings true. Staying aware will help you look out for traffic and identify other dangers around you. You should always adhere to local laws and walk on designated crosswalks. Additionally, you should avoid using or looking at your phone while crossing any street with vehicle traffic. 

As you watch out for cars and other hazards, you should also make sure that drivers can see you. Wear bright or reflective clothing if you are walking at night and ensure you are visible at all times. Don’t cross the road between cars or while blocked by trees, buildings, or other objects. Following this advice can help you stay safe while walking outside.

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