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How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

You’ve been shaken up in your accident, and now you’re to the point where you’re looking at hiring a Florida personal injury attorney. However, with all the emotions you are feeling following your accident, the thought of speaking with an attorney may be something you’re dreading. It’s not uncommon for those in need of legal guidance to feel uneasy about their first meeting with an attorney— after all, it is something most people don’t have to go through. Knowing what to do in your first meeting with an attorney will make the experience much less daunting, along with ensuring that you have everything you need to seek the maximum compensation for your case.

Before, During, and After

We will guide you through the entire process, to help alleviate any worries you may have going into your first meeting with an attorney.

Before You Call Your Attorney

  1. Understand what it is what you want to achieve by filing a lawsuit

  2. Do your research. We live in an era where everything can be found online. You want to begin your search by finding an attorney with good reviews.

  3. Be sure the attorney you are thinking of hiring works in the state that your legal issue took place.

During Your Initial Call

  1. This call will only last a few minutes, be sure to ask:

    1. Do you have experience with my type of case?

    2. Do you charge for an initial meeting?

    3. What is your communication with your clients like?

  2. Be sure to ask for an in-person meeting time.

  3. Did you feel welcomed during that phone call? It’s important that your attorney wants to help you as much as you want to receive help.

Now that you have some information to help you begin the search, you want to be sure to find an attorney who offers free consultations. These consultations are a great opportunity for you to discuss your case, explain what it is you are hoping to get from your case and ask any questions you may have.

Before Your Meeting

  1. Gather all related paperwork, including:

    1. Receipts

    2. Medical bills

    3. Repair costs

    4. Tickets

    5. Police reports

    6. Photographs

  2. Write down any questions before going into the meeting. Once you are in the office, it may be hard to remember them all.

  3. Envision what “winning” your case means to you. Informing the attorney of this will allow them to tailor a custom approach to help ensure this.

At Your Meeting

  1. Be open. We cannot stress this one enough. Tell your attorney the story exactly as it happened. They are there to help you, not harm you.

  2. Take notes.

  3. Ask questions, and be prepared to ask more if you don’t understand. A good attorney will never mind you asking additional questions.

  4. Ask how the attorney is paid. Do they work on a contingency fee basis? Do they require payment up-front?

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