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Insurance Policy Limit Settlement Secured for T-Bone Accident Client

Harmon Parker, P.A. in Tampa recently secured a great seven-figure settlement for a car accident client. After being T-boned by a reckless driver, our client was left severely injured. Our attorneys managed to settle the claim for the Geico policy limit of $1,100,000.

Details of the T-Bone Accident Case

Our client was driving down a two-way road when an elderly woman pulled out suddenly from an adjacent parking lot, violating right-of-way rules. The elderly woman struck our client in a T-bone collision that spun her vehicle around. Our client thought she was not hurt so she exchanged driver information and left the scene without calling the police. 

Our client did not receive treatment from paramedics at the scene and did not get medical treatment that same day. Later on, our client started to feel persistent neck pain and headaches. Upon being taken the emergency room, the diagnosis read as cervical strain. 

As time went on, headaches and photosensitivity persisted and worsened. A neurologist with brain injury specialization was assigned to treat our client, as well as was a chiropractor. Eventually, an orthopedic surgeon recommended neck surgery to try to relieve the cervical pain.

Meanwhile, our attorneys were working with the insurance company to show the extent of our client’s suffering and damages. We are proud to have been able to secure the policy limit, helping our client look forward to financial support while she keeps recovering.

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