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Attorney Collins Interviewed About My Little Steamer Class Action Lawsuit

The Joy Mangano My Little Steamer is a portable clothes steamer developed by Ingenious Designs, LLC. The website promotes the product as “America’s Favorite Non-Iron” with “No Spitting. No Staining. No Burning. No Worries”.

Customers and former Home Shopping Network Employees alike have been writing reviews, posting complaints and documenting for many years about how this steamer leaks and spews boiling water. Yet the company’s marketing strategy and product disclosures make no mention of these incidents or the serious injuries caused by the product.

On May 14, 2019, and again on May 16, 2019 8 On Your Side investigators aired a report about this defective product. During their report, they asked the following victims to share their stories:

  • Stella Rue, a freshman at the University of California Berkeley, purchased a My Little Steamer in August 2018. It spurted water and severely burned her leg, leaving her with a permanent scar.
  • Patricia Schere, a resident of Kansas, sustained second-degree burns after her My Little Steamer spewed water on her foot and ankle.
  • A 2-year old in California was scalded after her mother set a My Little Steamer a good 3 feet away from the victim.

The Personal Injury and Class Action Lawsuits

Steve Andrews, an 8 On Your Side Investigative Reporter, interviewed our partner, Christa Collins, about the personal injury lawsuit and the class action against Ingenious Designs, LLC.

Attorney Collins explained to Andrews that “What we’re alleging is that consumers have purchased this product which is not safe or fit for its intended purpose. People have contacted us with third-degree burns, second-degree burns. I’ve seen no warning that put people on notice that the product can unexpectedly and spontaneously spew water out of the head and burn them. You only really have to go to the Home Shopping Network’s website to see that consumers have been explaining their stories with the product, the problems they’re having with the product. And they’ve been doing that for years.”

According to the class action lawsuit, Ingenious Designs, LLC has known about the risks and dangers associated with this product since July 2013. In fact, the complaint includes the following story: “During the taping of a video (in Tampa) to promote and sell the steamer on the Home Shopping Network, hot steam and boiling water repeatedly leaked and spewed from the steamers, burning HSN employees and professional models featured in the videos…the producer sent email communications to senior management at HSN and Ingenious Designs to notify both companies the products were dangerous and should not be sold to consumers.”

Sadly, the Home Shopping Network has continued to sell the product despite years of warnings and complaints.

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