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Beat up truck carrying a load of logs that's far too large for the truck's size

Can Drivers Sue for Accidents Caused by Falling Cargo?

An accident caused by a cargo truck is just as difficult to deal with as a collision with a car, if not more so. These accidents sometimes result from cargo that falls off of a truck, creating a collision for cars nearby.

Although a lawsuit may not be on the top of your list of priorities after an accident, it is important to consider filing one to hold the company liable for the accident. Once you are ready to pursue further legal action, a truck accident attorney will work for you.

At Harmon Parker, we will work for you to hold the company accountable for your injuries and damage to your vehicle.

Reasons Cargo Accidents Occur

There are a number of reasons cargo accidents happen. Though these reasons are not intentional, a cargo truck company will still be responsible for the result of cargo falling off of a truck in their fleet. These reasons can include:

  • Faulty Restraints. If the materials used to restrain the cargo or keep it in place are not in full working order, this can cause the items to fall off or out of the truck.
  • Uneven Weight Distribution. When loading cargo, the weight must be considered. If there is more weight on one side of the truck, the cargo can fall off into traffic causing an accident.
  • Improperly Secured Cargo. Aside from inoperable restraints, the cargo being improperly secured can create an accident. If the door was not locked or fully closed, the cargo can fall out in front of nearby cars.

The Right Attorney Makes All The Difference

If you have been involved in an accident, you need an attorney on your side. A truck accident attorney will closely examine the facts of the case to determine if the truck company is at fault.

Once it is found that the truck is at fault, an attorney can work on your behalf. Furthermore, an experienced attorney will make sure that the company pays a fair amount for your damage and physical injuries.

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