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Truck Drivers & No-Contact Accidents

Drivers of large trucks, specifically those of semi-trucks and other cargo trucks, have to be mindful of the traffic surrounding them when on the road.

In many instances, truck drivers can be responsible for accidents that occur, even if they don’t have direct contact with another vehicle.

If you have been involved in an accident that was the result of a truck driver’s actions, you could be entitled to compensation. A truck accident attorney can help you with your case against a trucking company.

At Harmon Parker, we use our legal expertise to prove how the truck driver was responsible for your vehicle damage and injuries.

No-Contact Accidents Caused By Truck Drivers

There are a number of cases where a truck driver can cause an accident without touching the other vehicle. The following are a few examples where this can occur:

  • Driver distraction. A distracted driver is not paying full attention to traffic, lanes, or lights. This can result in other drivers swerving and ultimately colliding into another car or object.
  • Driver fatigue. If a driver is too tired or falling asleep, this, too, can cause cars to swerve and have an accident.
  • Unsecured cargo. When objects fall off of a truck they can either hit a car causing damage or make a person swerve to avoid hitting the object. The car driver can experience an accident causing injuries and vehicle damage.

Hiring the Right Attorney is Crucial

A seasoned truck accident attorney will include all facts of the case to prove how the truck driver was at fault for the accident and represent you in a settlement or court case. If there is no contact, a trucking company will likely try to show how they are not responsible for the accident. However, lawyers can prove their liability for the collision and your medical bills.

Let our attorneys at Harmon Parker help you with your case to get the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact our office with your case right away.

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