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Two Parked Commercial Trucks

How to Drive Safely Around Big Rig Trucks

Commercial trucks are the lifeblood of American roadways. They provide vital goods and services and at the same time cause concern for drivers in smaller vehicles.

When sharing the road with big rigs, it is wise to use extra caution to keep yourself and your family out of danger.

Read on to learn more about how to stay safe around commercial trucks.

Tips to Stay Safe Near Big Trucks

Here are a few tips you should know to keep safe around large vehicles:

1. Big rigs need more space to brake than you think they do.

We all have an idea of how much space our vans and sedans need to brake safely. After years of driving, you get an instinct for the operating limits of your vehicle.

When we think about big rigs and their ability to stop, we usually underestimate the amount of space they need. Whatever amount of space you think they need, double it. A truck moving at 65 MPH needs about 530ft to brake safely.

2. Avoid driving beside a big rig.

The lanes beside a big rig should be used with extreme caution. It is much safer to be a few car lengths in front of or behind a truck. If a truck makes a sudden move into your lane, it is incredibly difficult to avoid contact with the amount of space they take up.

3. Merge onto the highway with Caution.

When merging onto a busy road, always be mindful of the vehicles already driving in the merging lane. Since it is hard for a truck to move into another lane and it takes them more space to brake, you want to make sure you have plenty of room to safely merge.

Sharing the road with big rigs is inevitable. Do your best to keep safe and if you are ever hurt by a negligent driver, contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. The right attorney can help you navigate the complexity of an accident and deal with the issues that arise from it.

Some other tips to take into consideration are: 

  • Pay attention to tailgating
  • Avoid the “no-zones” of blind spots
  • Don't do a “fast lane change” near a truck
  • Don't drive along the right side of a truck making a right turn
  • Don't drive between two large trucks

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