Credit Pulls Under False Pretenses

If someone pulls your credit under false pretenses, the Federal FCRA law provides significant remedies.

The FCRA allows access to your credit information only under specific circumstances:

  1. A court orders it;
  2. You are applying for credit from a lender, or you have an open account or a balance that’s past due;
  3. An insurance company is underwriting insurance or a government agency is considering giving you a license or other benefit;
  4. You are applying for employment and give your consent;
  5. The person has a legitimate business need for the information, or
  6. You gave a credit reporting agency clear instructions to provide your information.

Examples of pulling credit information under false pretenses include:

  • A lender paid out all the money you borrowed up front and later on pulled your credit to market other credit products to you;
  • A creditor opened an account in your name without your permission;
  •  A creditor pulled your credit after the debt was discharged in bankruptcy; or
  • You allowed a business to obtain your credit report for one purpose, but they pull it later on to market another product to you.

If you believe your credit has been pulled under false pretenses, or without your consent, you may have a claim under the FCRA. Christa Collins works to level the playing field by providing access to justice to consumers. It only takes one person to call foul to make a difference. If you believe that your credit report has been pulled under false pretenses, contact our office today for a free consultation.